This is a bit of a bizarre post by Digital Music News (see below) – stating that Apple Music does not stand a chance against Spotify – then giving no reason!! I started my 3 month free trail yesterday – but intend to keep my Spotify subscription going. For me the jury is still out – although I think I prefer the Spotify interface. There is also a strange dilemma that Spotify subscribers like me face – losing your playlists – that you have build up for years!! I very much like the way Apple Music interfaces with iTunes – but I still need more time to work out if it is easier to use. Would be interested in any thoughts.

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Where are you on the continuum of ‘free’ or ‘subscription’? I have personally being paying to Spotify for around 4 years now – as I think it is the only way the music industry has a future.The ‘free’ model for me is akin to asking me to play a gig for free – not only is it not sustainable, but it also sends the wrong message – Music Should Not Be a Free Commodity!

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Common sense has prevailed. Well done Apple Music for having the guts to make a U Turn!

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I have to say – sensible words from Taylor Swift (See below). Apple’s mentality is very similar to some other parts of the industry: support bands being asked to play for free, young bands being asked to play for experience, restaurant and hotel owners who refuse to pay a fair price for live music, etc, etc. Apple are basically expressing a long standing perception by some that it is ok for musicians to offer their services for free. Imagine the outrage if we were to expect a free iphone, or to visit a restaurant and expect them to knock up a pizza ‘for the experience’, or to go to a hotel and expect them to give you free accommodation! It is akin to me asking Apple to give me free telephone calls on my mobile so I can build my business up. The concept is simply absurd and morally reprehensible. I am totally behind the idea of a paid subscription (I have subscribed to Spotify for years) service and even a three month trial. But if there is a three month trail – APPLE SHOULD PAY FOR IT – not the musicians!

Taylor Swift criticises 'shocking, disappointing' Apple Music | Technology | The Guardian.

If ever there was a case of ‘technological determinism’ driving the music industry – this is it. See the recent article in The Guardian below

Sonos keen to support Apple Music alongside Spotify and other rivals | Technology | The Guardian.

As we move toward the launch of Apple music, I am trying to understand what will happen during the free three month trail period to indi artists? According to a recent article, Apple sent a ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum to indi labels recently, basically saying accept the terms – or have no access to Apple services such as radio and more importantly downloads. So maybe they have no choice but to accept? It is also interesting to consider what will happen to Spotify streams during this period: not only will artists get no income from Apple – but if users cross over from Spotify, even for the three month period – artists face the prospect of receiving no streaming income for three months.

Check out a podcast about the new service below

Off the back of the few posts I have made this week – this one is the most disturbing. While I love the idea of giving the new Apple Music service a try out before paying – to hear that I am effectively taking away royalties from musicians really worries me. As the article below discusses – a leaked contract reveals Apple will not pay any royalties to artists for their free service period. I personally pay my £10 per month to Spotify to ‘pay something back’ (however small) into the system – as opposed to going down the route of illegal downloads etc. So my question is – how is this supposed to assist a music industry in transition. It can’t in the short term at least!
Leaked Contract: Apple Music Pays No Royalties For Free Account Plays – News – Deep House Amsterdam.


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