Frank Zappa Analysis with Dave Frank

Here is a UStream cast by pianist and educator Dave Frank on Frank Zappa’s music. The session starts with some solo piano playing of none Zappa material (really nice), followed by some interesting analysis on Zappa’s tonal, modal, and atonal music. The analysis is formalist in nature, so most of the discussion concerns how the music works, not its ‘extra musical’ meaning. Really worth a watch if you are a musician interested in musical analysis. Pieces discussed included Peaches and Regalia, Watermelon in Easter Hay, and Envelopes.


3 thoughts on “Frank Zappa Analysis with Dave Frank

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing the FZ class. You might enjoy other free web classes on Bruce Hornsby, Charlie Parker, Eric Dolphy, and Keith Jarrett (Ustream), and Bill Evans, Dave McKenna, the Marx Bros., a walking Bassline Clinic, and a live solo concert (youtube).

    Blessings and keep swing amigo!

    Dave Frank

  2. Thanks Dave – i will look forward to checking out your other streams. For info I am editing a book on Zappa at the moment, and no one has approached his music in the formalistic way you have. Perhaps if there is a ‘part 2’, I will get you on board? Best Paul

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