Rock At The Oval 9-16-72

Here is an interesting review of Zappa’s Grand Wazzo gig in London in Sept 72.

“After a long delay for setting up, and tuning, Zappa’s Grand Wazoo took the stage, and if no-one else had played I’d have been happy to wait around all day just for that. The 20-piece band play Zappa’s music with unbelievable taughtness and lyricism. Firing straight ahead on things like “Big Swifty” and “Dog-meat” (a kind of medley of “Dog Breath Variations” and the “Uncle Meat” theme), or creating strange rhythms and textures on “The Adventures Of Gregory Peckory” – don’t worry, said Zappa, this’ll be over soon and then we’ll do a shuffle.”

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via Rock At The Oval 9-16-72.

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2 Responses to Rock At The Oval 9-16-72

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  2. isasignel says:

    I was there. It was getting a bit chilly so people started fires on the sacred turf! The delay was basically caused because Hawkwind wanted to be top of the bill so play last. As Frank couldn’t care less he played before Hawkwind thankfully.


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