Popular Music Links


The British Journal of Music Education

International Journal of Community Music

The Journal Of European Popular Culture

Melanie Seteun editions (In French)

TDR (Performance)

Cultural Politics

Journal of Music Technology

Journal of Music, Technology and Education

Popular Music and Society

Popular Music History

Journal of Music History Pedagogy

Journal of Folklaw Research

Journal of American Folklaw

Contemporary Wales

Media Wales Journal

Horror Studies

Music Theory Society of the Mid Adlantic

Music and Arts in Action

Institute of Musical Research

Art of Record Production

Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry

Jazz Perspectives

The Journal of Music and Meaning

The British Journal of Music Therapy

Online/Open Access Journals and Publications

Senses of Cinema

Journal on the Art of Record Production

Southern Cultures (Music)


The Electronic Musicological Review

Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

The Fibreculture Journal

Invisable Culture

Loops Journal

Chapter and Verse

Samples (In German)

The Rondo Hatton Report

Welsh Band Weekly

Popular Musicology Online

Journal of Musicology (online)

Journal of Popular Music Studies

Radical Musicology (online)

Musical Perspective (Music Performance)

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Music Performance Research

Liminaries (Performance)

Trans (Performance Studies)

Journal of Audience and Reception Studies

The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies

Journal Of Musical History Pedegogy

Popular Entertainment Studies

Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal

Norient Online Journal of Soundscapes

Empirical Musicology Review

Yale Journal of Music & Religion

Research Centres

Womens Liberation Music Archive

Centre For Musical Perormance as Creative Practice

Popular Music Research Centre (Salford)

Music Research Centre (York University)

Centre for the Study of Media and Cultre in Small Nations.

Northwest Popular Music Network

Popular Music Research Network (Newcastle Uni)

Association of Musical Marxists

Search Engines

Proquest Dissertations




Popular Music Studies Database

Finish Popular Music in the 20th Century

Research Portal

Academic Charts Online

Google Music Research



International Exchanges on Music Theory and Performance

Welsh Music Industry Related

Music Centre Wales (TY Cerdd)

Busk on the Usk

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