New Research Project – Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

I have just been awarded some money by the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust to set up a ‘Junior Rock Music Academy’ at the ATRiuM in Cardiff. The idea behind the work is to use the money to instigate a pilot 10 week music programme for children who receive their education in the Communities First areas of SE Wales. I am doing another project at the moment which is researching the most appropriate way of going about this, so once this is complete we intend to start the Junior Rock Music Academy sometime in October. The children will receive tuition in music technology, music ensemble performance and instrumental lessons. I will be implementing ‘taster courses’ at ATRiuM during June  and July and most importantly – it is all free. Feel free to contact me for more details, and I will publishing progress on this in the Research tab of the blog.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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