BBC News – Britain’s Got Talent star Faryl lands HMV in trouble

Check out this link regarding how crazy the procedure is to obtain an entertainment licence in the UK is.

BBC News – Britain’s Got Talent star Faryl lands HMV in trouble.

When asked about this on BBC Northampton yesterday, Feargal Sharkey commented:

‘It just highlights how utterly ridiculous this piece of legislation is and how dysfunctional the whole thing has become.  We happily accept that quite clearly there are very large scale live music events, like big outdoor festivals, that clearly need to be very carefully managed…  The whole thing is actually quite ludicrous and it’s kind of one of those things that when I first saw the clip on YouTube of the actual performance I genuinely thought somebody was trying to make fun of me and it was April the 1st.’

A video of the performance is below – and is this another example of a government body effectivelly distroying live music?
You can also check out Sharkey’s interview here


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