Here is an interesting re blog concerning the fate of Abbey Road.

English Heritage are the latest organisation to come out in support of Abbey Road Studios, which, as previously reported, is rumoured to have been put up for sale by flat broke EMI. Following news that The National Trust are considering purchasing the building, English Heritage have called on the government to act on a recommendation issued in 2003 to grant the studio Grade II listed status. Such status would ensure that if the Trust don’t get the studio complex, its new owners couldn’t turn it into flats or something similar.

In a statement, the organisation said: “We applaud the public enthusiasm and support for safeguarding the future of the Abbey Road Studios and call on ministers to turn their attention to the advice that we provided in 2003 and endorse our recommendation to list the building at Grade II. English Heritage believes that the Abbey Road Studios possess outstanding cultural interest as the world’s earliest purpose-built, and still the most famous, recording studios. Its importance as the leading force in popular music is perhaps greater today than ever and is revered internationally”.

It continued: “Listing would recognise that the building is special – it is not a tool to frustrate change or even a possible sale, but will mean that any decisions affecting the building’s future would need to be considered very carefully. We welcome the National Trust’s exploration of options regarding a possible acquisition”.

Would you all be terribly upset if I said that, if something’s served its purpose, it should be allowed to disappear? After all, Abbey Road is really better known to the populace for its zebra crossing, not its studio. And the studio itself is just too big for most modern recordings. What are we going to do, turn it into a non-functioning studio museum? Is that really of any interest or worth to anyone? I suppose, at the very least, the studio isn’t a death trap: newsblog.theCMUwebsite.com/post/Beatles-crossing-could-be-lost-forever.aspx

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