NE folk song

An area that is becoming very close to my heart – North East Folk song.

north east folk

Sandra Kerr discusses and introduces some North East folk songs:

Sandra Kerr discusses her views on the special characteristics of folk songs from the North East:

Pete Wood lists the top 20 NE folk songs in his opinion here with a brief discussion of the special character of these songs.

There’s also a link to Tynefolk club available here.

North East Song Tradition

The North East of England has a strong singing tradition. Its songs are varied with wide-ranging subject matter, but all with a common theme: the people, industries and landscape of the North East. The songs tell of the region’s tangled history and place in the world, of the sailors, the shipyards, the pitmen, the Border raiders, the legendary figures and the normal people.

There is a strong link between the region’s native instrument, the Northumbrian pipes, and its songs. Many Northumbrian song tunes are played on the pipes and…

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