Why Apple Music Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Spotify…

This is a bit of a bizarre post by Digital Music News (see below) – stating that Apple Music does not stand a chance against Spotify – then giving no reason!! I started my 3 month free trail yesterday – but intend to keep my Spotify subscription going. For me the jury is still out – although I think I prefer the Spotify interface. There is also a strange dilemma that Spotify subscribers like me face – losing your playlists – that you have build up for years!! I very much like the way Apple Music interfaces with iTunes – but I still need more time to work out if it is easier to use. Would be interested in any thoughts.

via Why Apple Music Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Spotify… – Digital Music NewsDigital Music News.

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2 Responses to Why Apple Music Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Spotify…

  1. cleaton8 says:

    On the face of it that’s a really odd post, but i suppose Paul R, not in the most obvious way, is making the point that Apple Music doesn’t have a free tier like Spotify, although this doesn’t work for Spotify either, they need more paid subs to compete, also there is talk of sites like Spotify and Apple making it difficult to cancel subs, once in you can’t escape! A little dramatic i know, it will be interesting to see things unfold.

    I also signed up for the 3 month free trial with Apple Music and i prefer it more than Spotify so far, but i do think that part of the reason is it’s familiar to some extent, i use mac everyday. The other reason is the ‘real time’ of it all, radio, news etc… Listening to music this way has a sense of community, there is someone else also listening to the same thing as you at that moment in time, like traditional radio but niche and far reaching… Does that make sense???


  2. Paul Carr says:

    It does – I have not explored the radio as of yet – just been using it in a similar way to spotify. I too use a mac – and I must admit it links in really well with iTunes etc. I will use it over the next three months – then see what I prefer..


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