Student Accommodation now taking up 95% of Loans: How is this sustainable?

Student accommodation now takes up 95% of student loans according to a recent article in The Guardian (much more in London). In an environment where parents/guardians are having to meet the rest of the cost – something has to be done if higher education is available to everyone – regardless of family income. The article discusses strike action as a way forward – but this will only negatively impact the education of the students in my view. Is it time for local councils and national government to intervene – to stop the price increases? Or – will there be a greater tendency for students to simply stay at home while studying – is student accommodation becoming a luxury? Another Guardian article reports on the rapid increase in student rents over the last few  years – although the demand for accommodation is not slowing down. Are we simply facing a time when the majority of students are going to have to work when studying for their degree = or will the student loan simply increase in line with the rising rents? With the maintenance grant being a thing of the past from next year – it may have to!

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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