Is the Eurovision Song Contest Getting Better?

Yesterday, like I do most years, I dutifully switched on the TV to have my yearly moan at the Eurovision Song Contest. There is something deep inside me and many others that loves to pass comment on the ‘rubbish’ songs, how they don’t represent the music of their respective countries and how the voting is rigged, etc. So, having watched the first hour or so of the programme, I got a surprise, I was actually liking some, if not a lot of the music!! This was complemented by seeing guitar players fiddle with their effect pedals and although there was some dodgy pitching from some of the vocals – it showed it was real! So after switching channels to make sure I was watching the right programme, I had to ask the  question – is the Eurovision Song Contest getting better?


Although I realise it could be argued that compared songs in the ESC is like comparing two non league teams, or as someone said on Facebook – like looking down a manhole and saying “that looks nice” – I certainly thought this was a step in the right direction.Probably the best way to display my cynicism when  watching the show last night is indicated in my FB post below. When hearing the song by the Ukraine and really liking it, I was convinced it would end up last – it actually won 🙂

Now that there are around 200 million people watching the show, including those in the States, we will probably start to see more serious pop stars doing the ‘interval slow’. However, despite Justin Timberlake’s credible performance, it did not come close to this


For anyone under the age of 30 – watch it to the end.

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