The Castle Cinema in Merthyr: Oral Memories Needed


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As part of my Oral History of Music in Merthyr Project, I am now looking for specific recorded memories of music making in The Castle Cinema, between 1955 to the mid 1970s. This venue featured bands like the Ted Heath Orchestra during the 50s and believe it or not, Pink Floyd in 1967. My Facebook page is featured a few written memories of the venue, but what I need now are oral testimonies.

So, could I ask anyone who remembers this venue to click here and leave a recorded account – simply click on the recorded message to record a video. You may want to make a few notes beforehand, but most importantly – leave your memories.

For info, the project recently had a write up in music magazine Louder Than War, which can be accessed here and more details here and here

See if the following pictures jog any memories.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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