Masters and PhD Study on the music of Frank Zappa

For those that may be interested, I have decided to dedicate time to develop some post-graduate provision in the study of Frank Zappa’s music.  This potentially offers an opportunity to conduct some research into an aspect of Zappa that has not been thoughoughly researched before. This would probably initially be at masters level (MPhil), with the option of moving on to PhD if the work has the potential. The format is likely to be in traditional essay format, but there is also a possibility of pursuing a compositional route – for example examining areas of Zappa’s compositional and production techniques and reflecting this in a series of works with associated commentaries. If anyone is interested, can I ask you to email me in the first instance ( , after which we can arrange to discuss the details. I am looking for 3  – 4 students in the first instance, and there are options of full/part time and distance learning pathways.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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1 Response to Masters and PhD Study on the music of Frank Zappa

  1. I’ve already got a PhD (which included a Zappa chapter) but if you ever need an external examiner, give me a shout… I’m currently teaching a ‘sonic art’ module to performing arts students at De Montfort University.


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