Gail Zappa: The Future of Music

Really interesting post by Gail Zappa at Gail Zappa: The Future of Music.

There is a particulary interesting section on copyright that is facinating considering the ZFT stance on copyright. It reads as follows

And now, just when you thought the news could not be worse, let’s have a quiet little look at the future of copyrights. Exactly what and why are they? Turns out that the concept comes along with the concept of Freedom and all the rest of the stuff that is built into the Constitution of the United States of America – and other countries. This is part of the package designed to promote and protect the intrinsic reasons behind the salute to our flag. The idea here is that you can march with a beer in your hand but culture (and that is what we are talking about) is nothing more or less than the ideas of the people in this time in this place – and that is what it takes to make a nation. Such traditions as football may be tied to the morale of a country but music and all the other arts and sciences are its life blood. Find a place without music and you will find a dictatorship. Find one with state-sponsored, authorized music and you will find fascism

Although it should not be a free for all and copyrighgt holders must get paid, surely Gail is instigating what I have placed in bold above – either a ‘dictorship’ or ‘facisim’?

Thoughts on a postcard.

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