PRS Royalty Consultation

PRS For Music has extended the deadline on the consultation part of its review of live music licensing. As previously reported, the songs collecting society is currently reviewing the rates it charges the promoters of live events to cover the copyright royalties due on the songs that are performed.

The live sector fear the review is really part of a plan to increase the rates promoters are charged. PRS will probably point out that as the live sector is now in better health than the recorded music sector it is appropriate the music publishers get a bigger share of their revenues.

But promoters will say that, because PRS get a percentage of revenues under the current system, they are already benefiting from the growth of the live business. But, they will add, if PRS up their royalty fees, just as VAT goes up to 20% next year, that growth could falter, meaning the song owners get less money overall, even if their percentage share is higher.

To read the rest of the post, visit CMU’s site here.

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Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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