Exploitation or Publicity? The (re)use of music that is otherwise out of the public domain

A quick post here to ask a question really. When digging around on the internet tonight, I found a couple of tracks that I played on/composed that were being given away free. The first is off a Jazz Renegades album called Freedom Samba. The entire album is being given away here. The 2nd is a track I co – composed for  an album called A Certain Kind of Freedom, which is has been mixed into an ‘early acid jazz’ mix. This can be listened to here, with my track coming in at arouond 16:44. Both of these albums are deleted, so the question is: Is it better for this technically illegal practice to take place, or that artists get paid? I have my own views, but am interested in what others think.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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1 Response to Exploitation or Publicity? The (re)use of music that is otherwise out of the public domain

  1. Not much of a writer on the internet so forgive me Paul. In my opinion i reckon it all depends on how many people would actually buy the album if it was readily available. If this was a high number with lots of interest i’d say hell yeh get paid for the work you’ve done as too many people are downloading music illegally (which is a whole other argument) and artists aren’t getting paid. On the other hand if this album is dead in the water and has been forgotten about by everyone then i’d probably let it happen as people would rather something for free. At least then (in the situation that your album has been forgotten about) your music would be heard and distributed.


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