Music Theory Online Help: What are the best sites and working methods?

This is a very brief post about potential online websites that can assist with music theory. A few of my students asked me about this during the week – and I have found the following two sites that look interesting.


Music Theory.Net

For the moment, I am not considering Iphone apps – only web sites – and am interesting in two factors

1) Can anyone recommend any other sites that they have found useful

2) I am interested in stories from anyone who has found this sort of site useful

I am particularly interested in areas such as Key Signature construction and Identification, Mode construction and Identification, Chord construction and Identification. For the moment – I am not interested in ear training – although most would argue it goes hand in hand with what I have asked about.

Interested in any comments anyone may have.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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3 Responses to Music Theory Online Help: What are the best sites and working methods?

  1. Pamela Rose says:

    Please take a look at where theory is taught at the piano so you can hear, see and play it.


  2. Paul Carr says:

    Bit strange commenting on my own blog – but I have had some additional recommendations for music theory development. They are


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