Zappa and his Legacy: A Request for Decorum

Ed Mann has recently been in touch with me regarding my post from last week on ‘Zappa and Censorship’. He has informed me that my post seems to have been totally taken out of context on some discussion forums/Facebook sites. Although I have not personally seen any of these dialogues, I want to take this opportunity to try and be as clear as possible about my own position. Firstly, I unreservedly do not condone any ‘anti Gail’ or anti Zappa Family Trust verbal attacks, especially when they are undertaking abusively. I think the paper I wrote on the Zappa Family Trust a few years ago has been misquoted as being anti ZFT – but it is certainly not – it is simply a statement of the facts as I saw them. Although I disagree completely with the notion of withholding permission to perform Zappa’s Music, I do so without holding any personal grudge. The last thing I would want is for me to be responsible in any way for painting a negative slant on Frank Zappa’s legacy. I love his music – and I am grateful to the people who deliver it to us – namely the Zappa Family Trust. Over the last decade, I have attempted to celebrate this man’s music by trying to heighten his presence in the academic community. I certainly do not want to be associated with any hate inspired abusive comments. I am therefore appealing to everyone to engage in debate, but without resorting to hate. I apologise unreservedly if anything I have posted has caused any upset. This certainly was not my intension.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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