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Dweezil’s Response: More on the Grand Rights ZFT Saga

It was fascinating to read Dweezil Zappa’s response today to his brothers open letter  – it can be read below As anyone who has read my blog will know, I have been interested in the Zappa Family Trust’s restriction of … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa and Grand Rights – AGAIN!

In 2009, I wrote about how the Zappa Family Trust were using Grand Rights as a way of stopping tribute bands playing the music of Frank Zappa. I eventually ended up doing a major research project on this, interviewing loads … Continue reading

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Zappa and his Legacy: A Request for Decorum

Ed Mann has recently been in touch with me regarding my post from last week on ‘Zappa and Censorship’. He has informed me that my post seems to have been totally taken out of context on some discussion forums/Facebook sites. … Continue reading

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Censorship and Frank Zappa

My post the other week about doing a Frank Zappa talk as part of the forthcoming Frank Zappa music festival in Bangor has just taken an unexpected and very disappointing twist. The festival organisers have been told by the Zappa … Continue reading

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A Synopsis of What I Have Been Up To

Well, I thought I would never get around to writing another blog. A mixture of a broken laptop and ‘life in general’ has resulted in me not writing a post for a couple of months. I intend to change that … Continue reading

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An Autocratic Approach to Music Copyright?: The potential negative impacts of restrictive rights on a composers legacy – The case of the Zappa Family Trust.

Here is the abstract of a paper I am preparing for a conference (somewhere). Let me know if you require any details about it. Since the death of Frank Zappa in 1993, there has been an ongoing legal battle between … Continue reading

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An Autocratic Approach to Music Copyright?:A Frank Zappa case study

I have been aware for a number of years that there has been a legal battle between Gail Zappa, head of the ‘Zappa Family Trust’, and the so called ‘tribute’ bands that are determined to continue performing his music live. … Continue reading

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