Man: Welsh Progressive Rock in Merthyr

When I was growing up in Newcastle during the 1970s, one of may favorite bands was Man. In fact, like many people, when CDs emerged in the late 1980s I disposed of much of my vinyl records (stupidly), but my Man records were some of the select few I kept. Little did I know that I would move to the town most of them  heralded from – Merthyr Tydfil. Here are some pictures of them playing at the now defunct Tiffanys in the 70s – once a well known rock venue in the town where the likes of Thin Lizzy played. I am curious if anyone seen them at this gig, or at any other gigs during that time. IMG_0009.JPG


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4 Responses to Man: Welsh Progressive Rock in Merthyr

  1. paulkelly20 says:

    I saw Man at Warwick University in ’75 or ’75. I am not sure of the line-up – they did keep changing their line-up didn’t they? But I am pretty sure that Phil Ryan was on keyboards as the band featured a Hammond Organ. Looking at the dates and albums they released, it was probably the Welsh Connection line-up. In fact all I can really remember about it is that they started the gig with a wonderfully slow and jazzy version of ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ (the Louis Jordan song), not the other one.


  2. paulkelly20 says:

    That should of course read ’75 or ’76.


  3. Paul Carr says:

    Thanks for that. I got the ’72’ date from a couple of people who gave the photos to me. I will check this out. Thanks for responding.


  4. Paul Carr says:

    Just heard the gig was on July 9 ,1973!


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