Popular Music Education in Wales: Time to Move Forward. Tramshed Tech, Cardiff January 30th 2020 (9.30-4.30)


Wales has a unique landscape culturally, politically, linguistically and of course musically. Like other Small Nations, the country has a distinct set of challenges in order to ensure it exploits the full potential of music education. In terms of popular music education, this broader landscape is/has been informed to some degree via initiatives funded by Welsh Government, the Arts Council and local councils, with partners such as the PRS Foundation and BBC Wales, all of which are intended, at least in part, to ‘educate’ stakeholders within the Welsh Music Industry – audiences and musicians alike. Most importantly, although these initiatives are positioned outside ‘mainstream’ education, they can be regarded as existing in tandem with debates concerning the place of popular music within the curriculum, which have been part of recent discussions in the Senedd. Featuring a range of expert speakers, this symposium will examine these debates, outlining case studies of good practice and ways in which the Welsh education system can more appropriately include popular music within its remit. To book a place, click here, then click on ‘Symposium’. The event is part of the Immersed in the City Festival, which is headlined by Richard Ashcroft. The £5 includes lunch, with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust. The outline of the day and speakers are copied below

Arrive: 9:30 Refreshments

9:50 Introduction: Professor Paul Carr

Panel 1: 10.00-11.30

Olivia Gable and James Hannam: Lifeblood: Funding Popular Music Education in Wales

Rob Smith: Reading and Speaking: Exploring Musical Style in the Welsh Classroom and Community.

Luke Thomas: Towards a Ladder of Popular Music Support in Wales: the case of Forté Project

Chaired by Paul Carr

11.30-12.00: Refreshments

Panel 2: 12.00-1.30

Paula Gardiner and Rachel Kilby: Music is Music: a Richer Cultural Future for Wales

Bethan Jenkins: Lewis School Pengam: The Place of Songwriting in the Welsh Music Curriculum

Gillian Mitchell: Musical Futures and National Youth Arts Wales: A Case Study.

Simon Parton: An Equal Opportunity: Using Technology and Pop Music to Engage Young People in Music Making

Chaired by Rob Smith

1.30-2.30 Lunch

Keynote 2.30-3.30

Professor Paul Carr: Rock Music Pedagogy in the UK and US: Ignorance or Elitism?

3.30-3.45: Refreshments

Closing Remarks: 3.45-4.30

Professor Helena Gaunt (Principal, RWCMD)

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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