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Barthes;Foucault and Eco: Impact on Musicological Thought?

A few things to discuss this week. Firstly, I have been working on attempting to formulate an easy to understand musicological model that takes into account production – the music itself – and its reception. I will be discussing this … Continue reading

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Zappa and Intergrational Meaning: A Quick Example

I could not resist but to briefly cover an example of Barthes’ ‘intergrational’ meaning via a Zappa video example – ‘Montana’. For me anyway, here are a few examples of the simultaneous narratives that I can hear in the music. … Continue reading

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Musicology, Zappa and Barthes: More Ideas of how to Listen and Examine Zappa’s Texts

Here is a sort of part 2 of my Barthes post a couple of weeks ago. That post mainly discussed Frank Zappa’s album covers, and the various messages that are potentially within the image. In this discussion I would like … Continue reading

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