Jon Eberson – Another Norwegian Gem

After listening to Eivind Aarset, I thought I would dig around and see if I could find any other Norwegian guitarists that are relevant to my research. I have been a fan of Terje Rypdal for many years, but now realise there a loads of players I am not aware of. Jon Eberson is one such player. What I find interesting about this guy is that he sounds lso different guitarist on many of his albums. I can hear a Holdsworth influence on ‘Stash’, and Metheny on later titles such as ‘Standards’ and ‘Jazz For Men’.  ‘Music For Men and Machines’ sounds way ahead of its time – a must listen in my opinion. Check out the links below on Spotify if you can. Although not a ‘loop’ based album, two of the tracks are constructed in this way (‘I Dreamt and ‘Dance’) – would love to see them played live.  He even moves into more free Jazz on 1999’s ‘Mind The Gap’ – influenced by Terge Rypdal in my opinion.

Jon Eberson – Stash

Audun Kleive – Music For Men Og Machines

Morten Halle – The Eagle

Bjørnar Andresen – Mind The Gap

Jon Eberson – Standards

Jon Eberson – Jazz For Men

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  1. Noam says:

    Can you send me an invite to Spotify?
    I want to check out this guitarist but I don’t have a user on Spotify


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