More on Eivind Aarset

Here are some more Eivind Aarset live recordings that emphasise the dislocation of his body from what we hear. His solo towards the end of this piece has so many layers it is difficult to ascertain what he is actually ‘playing’. It is a true mixture of ‘man and machine’. This is extended by the band (and himself) improvising around his loops – very interesting.

This is extended in the following video, which not only includes repeated guitar loops, but drums also. This is in addition to sounds not normally associated with the guitar.

This final one is included again as it is from his ‘Sonic Codex’ album, which I am beginning to appreciate very much. As stated in my earlier Blog, he is taking what Terge Rypdal achieved and moving it forward in a more ambient modern direction.

I am interested in finding out any info regarding how these pieces are constructed. There is obviously a lot of freedom – almost similar to the way Miles D compiled his more recent works toward the end of his life. I know there is a PhD  written in Norwegian on Eivind – would love a translated copy if it becomes available.

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