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Pink Floyd in Merthyr: It Actually Happened!

My Oral History of Popular Music in Merthyr Tydfil project is now well underway, so it now seems about the right time to do some detective work regarding the mythical performance Pink Floyd performed in the town in the 1960s … Continue reading

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The Heritage of Live Popular Music Making in Merthyr Tydfil 1955 to the Present Day: How Do Musical Memories, Mediated Through Technology, Impact Identity and Nostalgia?

The relationship of popular music to memory, identity and nostalgia is now well established in popular music studies, with academics such as Schulkind, Hennis and Rubin (1999) outlining how music, in particular from ones youth, can have strong nostalgic impact … Continue reading

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Psycoanalytic Approaches to Analysis and Musical Taste

As anyone who has read this blog will know, I have developed an ongoing interest in the ways in which music conveys meaning over the last few years. This has resulted in considering many academics’ thoughts – ranging from philosophers … Continue reading

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Gig at Torfaen Jazz Club:Ustream

Here is a section of a gig I done at Torfaen Jazz club on 25/3/11. The band is a Scratch Band (playing together for the first time), but I think music aside, it displays how easy it is to capture … Continue reading

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Listening Habits Over The Last Week

I have been listening to so much amazing music over the last few weeks- I thought I would spend a few mins letting everyone know about it. As I type  I am listening to Hunn Hurr Tu from Russia.  The … Continue reading

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PhD Studentship Available in Live Music

I have been contacted to publicise an excellent opportunity for someone after a funded PhD into the live music industry in Bristol. If anyone is interested, contact me in the first instance – and I will pass details on. Details … Continue reading

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What am I listening to: Sampled Vocals

This post was originally going to be about The Books, but it got me thinking about my love for listening to music with sampled vocals. By disembodying the vocal/voice, I think the meaning of voice samples (and also ‘Found Sounds’) … Continue reading

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