Listening Habits Over The Last Week

I have been listening to so much amazing music over the last few weeks- I thought I would spend a few mins letting everyone know about it. As I type  I am listening to Hunn Hurr Tu from Russia.  The main feature of this music is Tuvan Throat Singing – a technique where two or even three notes can be sung simultaneously by wait for it – one singer!! I once witnessed a vocal workshop where the leader demonstrated something similar – really is something else. As I listen to most of my music on spotify these days – it is possible to link it Last FM to see what you have been listening to recently – see what I mean by clicking  here. I think its a good way of reminding yourself what your listening habits are. Aside from Hunn Hurr Tu, I have also listened to Jamiroqai’s latest album over the last few days, and one of my favourate artists at the moment – John Holenbeck. If you have Spotify, listen to this. I also spent a bit of time listening to James Taylor (not the Quartet), Megson (From Newcastle), Mumford and Sons, and the amazingly atmospheric Trygve Seim.

I don’t know what other people think, but I think Spotify has changed my listening habits. As opposed to listening to recordings until they wear out, I tend to be more speculative, often listening to much more music for less time. I don’t know what the long-term impacts of this sort of listening will have – but it has certainly helped me regain my love for music – something that can be knocked out of you when you are an academic!!

Anyway, to finish off, I can only recommend listening to Lionel Loueke. This guy is not only a fantastic guitarist and singer, but he has a musical ear like no one I have come across. Depress yourself by listening to this.

By the way, the image at the top of this post is done in Wordie – a great way to see which  words you use the most!!

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Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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