Frippertronics and Loops

It seems to me that King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp has to be considered one of the pioneers of using loops as a creative compositional tool. Aside from his work with King Crimson, I am interesting in his use of technology – so I will be looking into trying to catagorize how he uses loops over the next few weeks.

Anyway – what follows is a video of Frippertronics, followed by a Grooveshark playlist of loads of his loop based music – well worth a listen.

Grooveshark Playlist

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Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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3 Responses to Frippertronics and Loops

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Paul, it’s great to see you’re exploring RF’s use of loops. You may want to look into Eno’s usage as well, as he was the person who introduced RF to the 2 tape recorder loop system in the first place (in 1972!). You can see a diagram of this on the back of his album ‘Discreet Music’. Dave


  2. carza says:

    Thanks Dave. I know the Eno album – but have never seen the diagrame. My old PhD supervisor Gavin Bryars produced three of the tracks on Discreet Music! Best Paul


  3. Daniel says:

    To be fairly honest, perhaps you you should take care of Pauline Oliveiros works and the San Francisco Tape Music Center history. But I would agree with you to say that Robert Fripp (and Eno) would be the first to give it a major audience to looping music.


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