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The Rock Instrumentarium

Well, we have spent the last few weeks going through all of the proof edits for the Bloomsbury Handbook of Rock Music Research, including an enormous bibliography and an even larger index of close to 9000 words. Despite the various … Continue reading

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Gig at Torfaen Jazz Club:Ustream

Here is a section of a gig I done at Torfaen Jazz club on 25/3/11. The band is a Scratch Band (playing together for the first time), but I think music aside, it displays how easy it is to capture … Continue reading

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Frippertronics and Loops

It seems to me that King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp has to be considered one of the pioneers of using loops as a creative compositional tool. Aside from his work with King Crimson, I am interesting in his use of … Continue reading

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No one had ever heard a guitar played like that before: The redefinition of the jazz aesthetic in the work of post 1970’s electric guitarist composers

I wrote a book chapter a while ago as part of an edited collection entitled ‘De Canonizing Music History’. The chaper looks at the position of the electric guitarist as a jazz composer. Anyway, I have noticed that the book … Continue reading

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James Taylor Quartet Analysis

Here are the details of a paper on Phenomonology I presented at Cardiff University in September. It is a paper in development – so be gentle with me!! I have also attached the associated powerpoint slide – to make it … Continue reading

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New Music Listened To Recently

I have been too busy to write any blog posts for the last few weeks, but thought I would share some of the music i have been listening to lately. I am discovering most of this via Spotify, and am … Continue reading

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More on Eivind Aarset

Here are some more Eivind Aarset live recordings that emphasise the dislocation of his body from what we hear. His solo towards the end of this piece has so many layers it is difficult to ascertain what he is actually … Continue reading

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Eivind Aarset Trio – 21 Century Guitarist

Just discovered this amazing guitarist – Eivind Aarset – what an xmas present. He seems to encapsulate  what a guitarist of the 21st Century can be – using available technology to create a soundscape that is very difficult to comprehend … Continue reading

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De-Canonizing Music History – New Book on Popular Music

I have a chapter in a new book on popular music released in December 2009. Published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing, it discusses the undertated influence of electric guitarists on the jazz aesthetic, and a sample can be found here (not … Continue reading

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An Autocratic Approach to Music Copyright?: The potential negative impacts of restrictive rights on a composers legacy – The case of the Zappa Family Trust.

Here is the abstract of a paper I am preparing for a conference (somewhere). Let me know if you require any details about it. Since the death of Frank Zappa in 1993, there has been an ongoing legal battle between … Continue reading

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