Meaning in the album cover of Zappa’s Overnite Sensation

Kill Ugly Radio posted a great link to the original art work of Frank Zappa’s Overnite Sensation today. When looking through the pics, it prompted me to think that there is so much meaning in this work of Art – the question is what is it? If anyone knows Zappa’s work, perhaps you can offer some suggestions. What does the half eaten doenut mean? the untied old boot, Zappa’s teeth (heard lots of theories about that one), the hand coming down from the sky? The empty Mcdonalds box? etc etc.


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2 Responses to Meaning in the album cover of Zappa’s Overnite Sensation

  1. rob says:

    First impression is inside the room of a roadie. Everything is part of something , or incomplete in some way.
    I have also read that there is much fallacy , e.g. the grapefruit, the frame, and even the fire extinguisher.
    The feet from under the grapefruit seem very wicked witch of the east, elludes to fantasy. Similiar things can be said about the untied shoe and the two headed man


  2. Dan says:

    I heard the story … it was supposed to be a Dutch Master with a 2-headed roadie using a fruit as a sex object due his sexual frustration (I think because he’s just a roadie and not a player). Don’t remember all the rest – check out the DVD/documentary on amazon called Apostrophe/Over-Night Sensation, it’s around $10, it’s not only GREAT, it tells about this cover and the making of those 2 albums


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