Foundation Degree for the Music Industry in Wales

Well, my European Social Fund Foundation Degree for the music industry in Wales is due to be launched officially in a few days. In the first year, the funding will enable 15 people who live or work within the Welsh Music Industry Convergence Areas a potential free place. The first year is aimed at the industry in South Wales, and will be followed by places in the North and West over the next few years. As most of you will know, a Foundation Degree is the same as the first two years of a degree, so when one considers the current price of higher education – this represents an excellent opportunity.  The course is mainly taught through distance learning, and already has a 3rd year top up written – although students have to fund this themselves if they want to do it. The dedicated website for the qualification can be found here, with an online application form here.

The unique aspect of this course, is that in enables practitioners to gain credit for the experience they have gained in the industry thus far – plus the work they do in the work place once the course starts.

By all means drop me a line if you require more details.

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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