Martyn Bennett: Underrated and a great example of Genre Synecdoche.

A week or so ago, I posted about a few different ways that music can convey meaning – using the terminology Sonic Anaphone, Kinetic Anaphone, Tactile Anaphone and Genre Synecdoche (From Phil Tagg). Well, over the last few days, I have been listening to an album by the late Martyn Bennett –Bothy Culture. Firstly, considering when the album was made (1997), I am amazed how far ahead of its time it is. Secondly, it is a great example of horizontally mixing musical styles in what is a really original mix of styles Tracks such as ‘Tongues of Kali’ mix drum and bass, Celtic Scottish Music, Musique concrète. Check out the track ‘Aye’ below

For me, this is not only an interesting way of mixing musical styles, but also a great example of a Scotsman making great music, without compromising their identity. A great musician and composer. It has led to a number of other composers mixing Celtic music with other influences. See below



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