More Notes on Indoctrinating Music with Real Emotion: Adrian Benavides Part 2

A few weeks ago, I  posted about a very moving blog post by Adrian Benavides, when discussing his new album – Same Time Next Time. Not only was I taken by the honesty and open way Adrian discussed the death of his daughter, but also how these emotions were transferred into both the process and subsequent sounds of the album. I was particularly interested in how these emotions could be transferred to listeners. Having stated that ‘I would love to hear this album’, Adrian very kindly got in touch and sent me a copy. In the last couple of weeks, Adrian has uploaded another couple of posts – part 2 and part 3, where he talks candidly about the emotional process of recording the album. The posts also include streams on selected tracks, which makes it possible to make the connections I have discussed above. I have only just started listening to the album, and intend to post a more thorough review of the album later. But in the meantime, I can only recommend checking out his blog and listening to the music. It is one of the most honest albums I have heard in a long long time.

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Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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