Chapter 2 of Frank Zappa and the And: Zappa and his Cultural Legacy: Authorship, Influences and Expressive Features in Frank Zappa’s Movies by Manuel de la Fuente

Chapter 2 of the forthcoming book on Zappa is written by my friend Manuel de la Fuente. Manual has already written a book on Zappa in Spanish – so it is great to get his thoughts on the great man in English for the first time. Please find below the first few hundred words of his chapter –

Throughout his career in music, Frank Zappa showed a constant interest towards audiovisual media as a tool for reflecting his expressive ideas. In his autobiography, Zappa writes how he managed to compose the score for his first movie (Run Home Slow) before releasing his first official LP Freak Out! in 1966. The order of these events proves that his relationship with movie-making is not a mere extension of his work as a music composer, but an independent entity. Zappa also discusses how the purchase of his first recording studio was not only for musical activities, but also for making cheap films. His interest in movie-making was so serious, that Zappa declared that if he had found a producer for his first projects in cinema, he would never have played rock music. In fact, Zappa produced eight full-length movies between the years 1971 to 1988, namely 200 Motels, Baby Snakes, The Dub Room Special!, Does Humor Belong in Music?, Video from Hell, Uncle Meat, The Amazing Mr. Bickford and The True Story of 200 Motels.

The chapter goes on to discuss Zappa’s relationship with movie making – an often under represented part of his legacy!


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