Dancing with inter-disciplinarity: strategies and practices in higher education Dance, Drama and Music

Alongside two colleagues, I have just completed a report commissioned for the Higher Education Academy, which investigates the interdisciplinary relationship between dance, drama and music.

The report was carried out by myself, Richard Hand (from USW) and Rea Dennis (from Deakin University in Australia), and investigates the strategies and practices of interdisciplinary learning, teaching and assessment in these subject areas. Through secondary desktop based research, the analysis of an online questionnaire and a number of ‘case study’ interviews, the report summarises what the current situation is regarding interdisciplinary strategies and practices in relation to HE dance, drama and music.  It identifies institutional enablers and inhibitors and provides recommendations about measures institutions might take in order to prepare for and implement these practices. It can be found in published form from this link

If anyone has any questions about the report, or indeed interdisciplinary strategies in general (in the Performing Arts) – feel free to contact me.



About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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