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Live Music in Wales: A Report for the Culture Welsh Language and Communications Commitee

This last week has been a busy one for me, with my report on the impact of live music in Wales released, just a few days before I gave evidence to the Culture Welsh Language and Communications Commitee. In order … Continue reading

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Zappa at the Paris Philharmonie:Report and Some Questions

I have spent the last few days at a conference in Paris at the Paris de Philharmonie. Although I have not focused on Zappa’s work for a couple of years, it was great to reconnect again  with friends such as … Continue reading

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Matching Mole, Progressive Style, Genre and Protest

I attended a really fantastic conference last week on Progressive Rock at Edinburgh University. It was a great opportunity to spend three days listening and thinking about the various factors that make up this genre of music. Here is the … Continue reading

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The Heritage of Live Popular Music Making in Merthyr Tydfil 1955 to the Present Day: How Do Musical Memories, Mediated Through Technology, Impact Identity and Nostalgia?

The relationship of popular music to memory, identity and nostalgia is now well established in popular music studies, with academics such as Schulkind, Hennis and Rubin (1999) outlining how music, in particular from ones youth, can have strong nostalgic impact … Continue reading

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Matching Mole, Virtuality, Merthyr Tydfil Music and More

I have not blogged for over a month, so I thought I would write a quick post as a catch up of what I have been up to. The year kicked off with the publication of The Handbook of Music … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Listening to and Performing Music

Here is a fantastic video, which builds on my post from last week regarding the interlectual  benefits of engaging with music. Recent research indicates that engaging with music as either either a listener or performer has a unique impact on … Continue reading

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Berklee College of Music: ‘We Are Running Out of Excuses For Not Getting A Music Degree

Berklee College of Music started its online program in 2002 when the internet was still figuring itself out. This was pre YouTube or Facebook.  Now, over 10,000 students from 140 countries each year enroll in Berklee Online certificate programs including 12 week courses like Pro … Continue reading

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Songwriting and Grief: Creative Unifying Principles

I was thinking this week about Sting’s creative process when writing both Nothing Like The Sun and The Soul Cages. It is well documented how Nothing Like the Sun was written during a time when Sting’s mother died from cancer, … Continue reading

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Apple Music Finally Unveiled

So, Apple have eventually entered the streaming market. It appears that they are now attempting to develop an ‘all in one’ platform that facilities users to access all of their content in one place. What I am interested in is … Continue reading

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Dancing with inter-disciplinarity: strategies and practices in higher education Dance, Drama and Music

Alongside two colleagues, I have just completed a report commissioned for the Higher Education Academy, which investigates the interdisciplinary relationship between dance, drama and music. The report was carried out by myself, Richard Hand (from USW) and Rea Dennis (from Deakin University … Continue reading

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