The Lost Musical Memories of Merthyr Tydfil

This week I have been preparing for the week of activities we are doing as part of this years Being Human Festival. This work will include capturing memories of community members who remember the years 1955-1975 in addition to getting getting school children in the area to both appreciate and interact with these memories. Check out the promotional video below to give you a snapshot of what we are doing


One this project is complete, I am off to New Zealand in December to talk about it, then back to begin planning an exhibition and symposium in the Red House in late January. It has been a real privilege to compile both the memorabilia and the stories I have so far and I will really looking forward to continuing this really positive narrative of the town.

If you want to hear and see the memories in an amazing setting, for free on November 25th for free, then book up here. To book up for the symposium in January, again for free, book here. The outline of the symposium is copied below. It is a fantastic opportunity not only to learn about issues related to local popular music making in Merthyr, but also south wales and the UK more generally. Hope to see you there.

11.00 – Welcome and Introduction: Paul Carr

11.15 – Panel 1: The Music Industry in Wales: Chaired by Paul Carr

  • Luke Thomas (University of South Wales) – Culture Versus Economy: Popular Music Policy in Wales.
  • Ewan Moor (Save Womanby Street) – From Anger to Action: Campaigning in Live Music.
  • Joseph O’Connell (Cardiff University) & Sam Murray (Teesside University) – Are You With Me Now?: The Sŵn Performer’s Journey.
  • Liz Hunt (Creative Republic of Cardiff) – Rebooting the Moon: Creative Republic of Cardiff.

12.20 – Q&A with the panel

12.45 – Lunch

13.30 – Panel 2: Alternative Local Musical Histories: Chaired by Luke Thomas

  • Anne Cleaton (University of East Anglia) – How Musical is my Valley? an exploration into the role of place in the musical consumption and production of local popular musicians.
  • Dave Allen (University of Portsmouth) – Pompey Pop: a case study of a local music archive.
  • Jez Collins (Birmingham City University) – Local Popular Music Making: pump up the grime.
  • Mike Brocken (Liverpool Hope University) – Phillips’ Sound Recording Services: the studio that tourism forgot.

15.30 – Short Break

16.00 – Paul Carr (University of South Wales) – Exhibition Launch: The Lost and Found Musical History of Merthyr Tydfil

16.30 – End/Visit Exhibition

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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