Merthyr Tydfil and Popular Music: Celebrating a Rich Musical History

As I mentioned in my last post, we launched the #merthyrpop exhibition last week. Here are a few more photos of the event, featuring some of the speakers and community members

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This was followed by the first week that the exhibition ran and we have had some great publicity, starting with a front and center page feature in the Merthyr Express on January 25th 2018, in addition to a feature in Wales Online.






We were then lucky enough to have a feature on ITV. After a great half day recording in the Redhouse, the show went out on the evening of Friday February 2nd as part of the 6.00 ITV news broadcast.


In addition to the short documentary, there was also a fantastic piece written by ITV’s Mike Griffiths which featured some of the community members talking about the exhibition. You can access this here.


For those of you who missed it – here is the ITV piece, recorded off the TV

Copyright ITV

To top the week off, we had a half page feature in the Merthyr Express on February 1st (p. 7)


….Followed by an interview by Roy Noble, on BBC Radio Wales on Sunday February 4th 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.27.00

The BBC were also kind enough to put this short video together



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