The Decline of Instrumental Tuition in Wales

Although it took place a few months ago, here are a few links related to the report I wrote a few months ago into the decline of instrumental teaching in Wales. The event took part at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and drew attention to a factor that has been gradually taken place over many years – the erosion of the musical opportunities of our young people. I will not document my arguments here, as they are all outlined in the report which you can read below.  I have also attached a couple of photos from the event, a short documentary and my short speech. Please also read the recent government document Hitting the Right Note – which I think has the potential to improve this situation, providing the recommendations are accepted! Aside from equal opportunity for all, I feel one of the most important changes that are required is the inclusion of popular music and MOST IMPORTANTLY – a means of assessing it correcting. I have just submitted an 8000 essay for a new publication coming out next year – and will be blogging more about this soon.



Paul Carr Speech

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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2 Responses to The Decline of Instrumental Tuition in Wales

  1. Looks like good work here Paul–well done!

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  2. Paul Carr says:

    Cheers Simon!


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