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The State of Grassroot Music Venues: One Hand Giveth, while the other Taketh it Away

When the 2012 Live Music Act became law, I was encouraged that grassroots music could now be showcased in a venue with a capacity of no more than 200 (recently amended to 500), without the proprietor applying for a license. … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia Popular Music Market: Why do we prefer live over recorded?

As we move toward the third decade since the millennium celebrations, the interrelationship of music and nostalgia continues to be profound. Perhaps the best example of this includes the clear visibility of ‘vintage’ artists in worldwide ticket sales, with Bruce … Continue reading

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Survivor Guitarist Sues Mike Huckabee Over ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Use

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is facing a lawsuit stemming from a September rally where the former Arkansas governor used Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” without permission. Survivor’s Frankie Sullivan, who co-wrote the 1982 single, is suing Huckabee for unspecified … Continue reading

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Higher Education and Live Music in Wales: Future Developments

Well, I am coming toward the end of the research into the relationships between live music and higher education in Wales. With the report due at the end of this month, I thought I would provide some comments below. Very … Continue reading

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The Hologram of Tupac: Where does this leave the future of live music?

I have spent the the day thinking about the Snoop Dogg gig this week with the hologram of Tupac – who died in 1996. Where does this leave the future of live music? In a few years time, will we … Continue reading

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The Relationships Between Higher Education and the Live Music Industry in Wales: A Critical Analysis (working title)

As indicated in reports such as Building New Business Strategies for the Music Industry in Wales (ap Siôn, 2009), An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an Independent Music Licensing and Royalty Collection Agency for Wales (Ap Rhisiart and Owen, … Continue reading

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Live Music and Higher Education: How can we work together?

I am starting a new research project in a couple of weeks related to live music. It builds on a number of projects I have done before – but this time is specifically related to how Higher Education can work … Continue reading

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