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Pat Metheny: Why is his music so interesting?

  I have just spent an hour or so listening to a ‘best of Pat Metheny‘ collection on Spotify. Having been listening to this man’s music for around 30 years now, it is crazy to think some of the tracks … Continue reading

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No one had ever heard a guitar played like that before: The redefinition of the jazz aesthetic in the work of post 1970’s electric guitarist composers

I wrote a book chapter a while ago as part of an edited collection entitled ‘De Canonizing Music History’. The chaper looks at the position of the electric guitarist as a jazz composer. Anyway, I have noticed that the book … Continue reading

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Pat Metheny – Post 3

I am considering writing an  academic paper on the Metheny Orchestration concept for a music technology conference in the UK. Here is a range of links that I still need to explore myself – but interesting information. http://www.eqmag.com/article/number-5-alive/April-2010/110739 http://www.eqmag.com/default.aspx http://www.keijzerfotografie.nl/item-x.php?itemId=222076Continue reading

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Pat Metheny – Part Two

My last post on Pat Metheny has made me think about a book chapter I had published recently on the impact of jazz guitarists on the Jazz canon. Out of all electric guitarists, I would suggest that Metheny has done … Continue reading

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Pat Metheny – The Orchestrion Album

I have been listening to the latest Pat Metheny album recently. As with nearly all of his projects – I love the music. However, this album also has a really interesting ‘process’. Check this out and be amazed! YouTube – … Continue reading

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