Some Sensible Words from Taylor Swift on Apple Music

I have to say – sensible words from Taylor Swift (See below). Apple’s mentality is very similar to some other parts of the industry: support bands being asked to play for free, young bands being asked to play for experience, restaurant and hotel owners who refuse to pay a fair price for live music, etc, etc. Apple are basically expressing a long standing perception by some that it is ok for musicians to offer their services for free. Imagine the outrage if we were to expect a free iphone, or to visit a restaurant and expect them to knock up a pizza ‘for the experience’, or to go to a hotel and expect them to give you free accommodation! It is akin to me asking Apple to give me free telephone calls on my mobile so I can build my business up. The concept is simply absurd and morally reprehensible. I am totally behind the idea of a paid subscription (I have subscribed to Spotify for years) service and even a three month trial. But if there is a three month trail – APPLE SHOULD PAY FOR IT – not the musicians!

Taylor Swift criticises 'shocking, disappointing' Apple Music | Technology | The Guardian.

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