Pink Floyd in Merthyr Part 2


Off the back of my last post on Pink Floyd playing at The Castle Cinema in Merthyr Tydfil on December 9th 1967, it appears that this would have been one of the last gigs that Syd Barrett played with the band. Interesting, of the few people who remember the gig, one person remembers Sid playing, while someone else thought the gig featured Dave Gilmour! I am not Pink Floyd expert, but I do know that Sid and Dave played together for a while in the early years of 68. So – to me it looks like this was one of Sid Barrett’s last gigs for Pink Floyd? For those who are interested, here is a collection of some of the memories that  people have.

  • ‘I saw Pink Floyd at the Castle Cinema BUT they were supporting The Herd when Peter Frampton was lead vocalist
  • Peter frampton with the Herd did’nt play a note his guitar was over his shoulder all night
  • I was there. Sat next to and chatted with Roger Waters during the interval.
  • Good friend of mine,the late Barrie Jones played support to Pink Floyd , The Herd
  • Pink Floyd played the Kee Club in Bridgend

Although there is some contention who supported who, I believe Pink Floyd actually supported The Herd that evening. If anyone has any other memories or details – please let me know. Also,  check out the Historypin link – that has loads of interesting photos of music making in South Wales.

I wil finish with the first of a two part article that is printed in a local newspaper about the project.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 22.14.20


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