Pink Floyd in Merthyr: It Actually Happened!

My Oral History of Popular Music in Merthyr Tydfil project is now well underway, so it now seems about the right time to do some detective work regarding the mythical performance Pink Floyd performed in the town in the 1960s at the Castle Cinema. S0, after a few mins searching on Google, I found the following evidence that they did indeed play in Merthyr, on December 9th 1968

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.40.29

What is interesting is the gigs they  played in and around then: Maida Vale Studio 4, Abbey Road Studios and Newcastle City Hall been a few of them. So what I now need is some oral testimonies of people who were either at the gig in Merthyr, or any of the other concerts in and around then. Here are a few videos which may jog your memory

Firstly, a couple of recordings made for Top Gear, on December 2nd 1968 – a week to the day prior to the Merthyr gig



And second, a recording of the full session they done in Paris on December 20th 1968 – broadcast in the early months of 1969


So, if you have any memories to share, please get in touch. If you are interested in looking at any of the images I have collected so far, access my Histrypin page here. You can also access the projects Facebook page here.

Here is a picture what the site of the concert may have looked like on the day – although the Castle Cinema is long gone!


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