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The History of Acid Jazz: Part 2

I was involved in an interesting discussion last week for Loose Goose Radio on the history of Acid Jazz. I got the opportunity to reflect on my time in the James Taylor Quartet and how without even realising it – … Continue reading

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The History of Acid Jazz Podcast

I am having a chat tomorrow with the guys down at the Loose Goose Podcast on the early years of the Acid Jazz movement. In order to do a bit of prep I raided my old vinyl collection and found … Continue reading

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James Taylor Quartet Analysis

Here are the details of a paper on Phenomonology I presented at Cardiff University in September. It is a paper in development – so be gentle with me!! I have also attached the associated powerpoint slide – to make it … Continue reading

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An Emic and Etic Analysis Of The Impact Of Creative Listening When Recording And Performing With The James Taylor Quartet

It is a long long time since I posted my last blog, so will try and make up for this in the next few days. I am off to Ireland in two weeks to present a paper on ecological listening, … Continue reading

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Rare James Taylor Quartet recording from 1989

I came across this rare JTQ track on You Tube this week which was recorded as part of a BBC session in either 1988 or 1989 (I can’t remember). Four of the tracks from those sessions were released as part … Continue reading

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Why don’t more bands come to Wales: Promoting Live Music In Wales

On Friday November 14th, the ATRiuM’s Music Academy, Centre For Small Nations and the Welsh Music Foundation hosted a day of music industry seminars as part of the Cardiff based SWN festival. Over the next several weeks I will upload … Continue reading

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General introductory thoughts

The transition from full time musician to full time academic is a path that many music lecturers have undertaken. Where as 15 years ago I would have considered myself to be a musician – academic, these days I am firmly … Continue reading

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