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How Can We Think About Popular Music?

Another very very short segment – this time concerning the ways in which we can think about popular music analysis – more detail late!

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More Thoughts on the A Level Music Curriculum

I have spent much time over the last several years trying to think more deeply about some of the issues associated with the ways in which students are prepared for higher education music courses. The National Diploma awards which were … Continue reading

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The Semiology of Music Part 1: Is it the music or our words that are Vague?

This week was the first of a series of lectures on how music REFERS meaning.  What I am interested in is any examples of how music imparts meaning using – Saussures simple dyadic model as a starting point. The question … Continue reading

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Vertical Melodic Analysis

Where as my blog last week focused on horizontal  melodic analysis – this session concerned the vertical movement of melody. More specifically, the session was related to how tension and release operates when specific note types come up against a … Continue reading

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Melodic Analysis: horizontal techniques

This weeks musicology lecture examined  ways in which it is possible to analyse popular music melody – specifically from a horizontal perspective. As will be seen in the PowerPoint and the audio stream of the lecture – I get some … Continue reading

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Elements of Music and Impact on Musical Form

My last musicology session discussed the various ways in which the elements of music impacted our appreciation of music. Factors such as dynamics, texture, timbre, harmony, melody etc are interesting – as they can be discussed with all age groups … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa and Musical Virtuality: The Final Word on Zappa (for a while)

Well, after the best part of eight years of trying to understand what makes his music tick – I completed what will be my final piece of work on Zappa for a while. Close on the heels of Frank Zappa … Continue reading

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