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Vertical Melodic Analysis

Where as my blog last week focused on horizontal  melodic analysis – this session concerned the vertical movement of melody. More specifically, the session was related to how tension and release operates when specific note types come up against a … Continue reading

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Melodic Analysis: horizontal techniques

This weeks musicology lecture examined  ways in which it is possible to analyse popular music melody – specifically from a horizontal perspective. As will be seen in the PowerPoint and the audio stream of the lecture – I get some … Continue reading

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Elements of Music and Impact on Musical Form

My last musicology session discussed the various ways in which the elements of music impacted our appreciation of music. Factors such as dynamics, texture, timbre, harmony, melody etc are interesting – as they can be discussed with all age groups … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa and Musical Virtuality: The Final Word on Zappa (for a while)

Well, after the best part of eight years of trying to understand what makes his music tick – I completed what will be my final piece of work on Zappa for a while. Close on the heels of Frank Zappa … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa Musicological Analysis

Here is a lecture on Frank Zappa I gave to students as part of a musicology class this week. Comments Welcome! <div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/carrp/session-7-zappa-final-presentation&#8221; title=”Session 7 zappa final presentation” target=”_blank”>Session 7 zappa final presentation</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/carrp&#8221; … Continue reading

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Zappa and the And Published in two weeks

Well – over two years since it was initially announced – Zappa and the And is to published in a couple of weeks. Ashgate  have officially posted my introduction online – you can see it at here There are also … Continue reading

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Zappa and the And: Zappa and the Freaks: Recording Wild Man Fischer

Chapter 9 of the Zappa book is by David Sanjek – who sadly passed away only 2-3 weeks after sending me the finished chapter. David was an outstanding academic with an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music. I am really proud … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa And The And: Zappa and Technology

Well – after a long break because of Computor problems – here is the intro to the eighth chapter of the Zappa book – my own. It looks like the book will be published around February 2013 – in fact … Continue reading

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Rumer’s New Album: Why Does She Sound Like Karen Carpenter?

I have spent the morning listen to Rumer’s new album – Boys Don’t Cry. It’s a really pleasant sounding record – besides the one factor we all know – she sounds like Karen Carpenter. The 50 Million dollar question is … Continue reading

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Pat Metheny: Why is his music so interesting?

  I have just spent an hour or so listening to a ‘best of Pat Metheny‘ collection on Spotify. Having been listening to this man’s music for around 30 years now, it is crazy to think some of the tracks … Continue reading

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