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Critical Listening and Students: Popular Music and Form

In preparation for a musicology lecture this week, I began to think about the importance of students having an awareness of the general conventions in popular music. Factors such as an awareness of the commonality of eight bar sections (verses … Continue reading

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Starting to Think About Music: Song Arrangement and Track

Here is a podcast of an introductory lecture on ways we can think about popular music analysis, and the differences between Song, Arrangement and Track.

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The Elements of Music and Musical Form

This podcast is on the relationship on the elements of music and form. It considers the ways in which elements such as musical texture, time signatures, and harmony can interact to create expectations in a listener. In popular music, these … Continue reading

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Melodic Analysis: horizontal techniques

This weeks musicology lecture examined  ways in which it is possible to analyse popular music melody – specifically from a horizontal perspective. As will be seen in the PowerPoint and the audio stream of the lecture – I get some … Continue reading

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Elements of Music and Impact on Musical Form

My last musicology session discussed the various ways in which the elements of music impacted our appreciation of music. Factors such as dynamics, texture, timbre, harmony, melody etc are interesting – as they can be discussed with all age groups … Continue reading

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The Relationship of the Elements of Music to Form

This weeks musicology session focused on the relationship of  the Elements of Music to Musical Form. I have asked students to consider the following questions – Examples of pieces of music with unusual bar numbers between sections Examples of how … Continue reading

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