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Ways of Thinking About Song Arrangement and Track

  I have spent today playing around with some ideas for a new book I am in the early stages of working on. There are a lot of sweeping statements in there at the moment – but this is where … Continue reading

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Critical Listening and Students: Popular Music and Form

In preparation for a musicology lecture this week, I began to think about the importance of students having an awareness of the general conventions in popular music. Factors such as an awareness of the commonality of eight bar sections (verses … Continue reading

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Prioritising the Elements of Music as a Starting Point of Analysis

This weeks  podcast concerns how we can begin to use the elements of music as a starting point of music analysis. It starts with three main questions How are the elements being used? This can be as basic as a … Continue reading

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Noel Gallagher dominates vinyl sales in the UK in 2015

There is an interesting post in the Guardian stating that no other than Noel Gallagher is dominating both the single and album vinyl charts. If this is not surprising news – I am also alarmed at the number of male … Continue reading

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The Elements of Music and Musical Form

This podcast is on the relationship on the elements of music and form. It considers the ways in which elements such as musical texture, time signatures, and harmony can interact to create expectations in a listener. In popular music, these … Continue reading

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The Elements of Music: How can we use them to discuss ‘interest’ in a piece of music?

This post concerns the elements of music, and the ways in which they are prioritised to indoctrinate interest in a piece of music. How can we use the elements that for most are so familiar, to begin to analyse popular … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on the A Level Music Curriculum

I have spent much time over the last several years trying to think more deeply about some of the issues associated with the ways in which students are prepared for higher education music courses. The National Diploma awards which were … Continue reading

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