The ways in which we can listen to and consume music

Over the last couple of months I have discovered several different ways that make it possible to listen to music on the Internet. The first and possibly most amazing is a site entitled Wolfgang’s vault. This site focuses upon live concerts, so it is possible for example to listen to rare Halloween Zappa recordings from the 1970’s, to early Hendrix shows, to Bob Marley, etc, etc. The list is enormous. Additionally, there is a large list of rare interviews with artists ranging from Bowie, to Bruce Springsteen, Dylan, etc, etc. All of the music streams in a separate window, making it possible to search the net without disrupting your listening pleasure. The site is made even more interesting by the addition of free access to Crawdaddy Magazine, artist memorabilia, photos, posters, and the Mojam concert search engine. This type of resource seems to be becoming more popular, with sites such as My Space now not being the only way to access free streamable music. I am particularly fond of the Last FM utility for Firefox called ‘Fire FM’. This toolbar enables you to create artist radio stations that automatically play music which is similar to your chosen search. A great way to listen to new music and discover different artists. It is also worth checking out Indestore, We7, and Songza,all of which offer free music in incredibly specific and detailed ways. Aside from being interesting in any-ones views on these sites, I would also like to ask this question – How will this type of provision affect the music industry? If we can listen to music in this fashion, why do we need to download mp3’s. Will they benefit or destroy the industry? Do we really need to own music when we can ‘borrow’ it in this way? Anyway, enough for this post – Back to Zappa’s 1977 Pallidium concert.

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2 Responses to The ways in which we can listen to and consume music

  1. Amadeus says:

    Hello Paul,

    Interesting post, perhaps in your next post you would consider your thoughts on (or even an argument for or against) the concept of free music.

    Should music be free? Will music be free? After all, it’s in the air, why should we pay for a download when what we recieve is a mere virtual file?

    Of course artists need money to be able to live and create, but perhaps there are other (new?) ways of making this in exchange for the ability to disseminate internationally for no cost which the new media environment provides?


    Amadeus, Salzburg


  2. Paul Carr says:

    Hi Amadeus

    Oddly enough I am in the process of doing this right now, but with an emphasis on live performance in the music of Frank Zappa. However, what you specifically mention does interest me very much. As you say this will be a post for the future.



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