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The Demise of the Triangular Mix: Why Has it happened?

In Alan Moore’s excellent paper with Ruth Dockwary, he discusses the demise of what he calls the ‘Triangular’ mix – which has been replaced by the ‘diagonal’. To get an understanding of this,┬álisten the ‘The Wind Cry’s Mary’ by Jimi … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Musical Elements on Form

My yearly lecture on the relationship of the elements of music and musical form took a different approach this year. The lecture began by playing a number of examples taken from the current UK top 10 – that adhere to … Continue reading

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The Hologram of Tupac: Where does this leave the future of live music?

I have spent the the day thinking about the Snoop Dogg gig this week with the hologram of Tupac – who died in 1996. Where does this leave the future of live music? In a few years time, will we … Continue reading

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The ways in which we can listen to and consume music

Over the last couple of months I have discovered several different ways that make it possible to listen to music on the Internet. The first and possibly most amazing is a site entitled Wolfgang’s vault. This site focuses upon live … Continue reading

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