Zappa Zappa Zappa Zappa………

Well, after my recent promises to stop talking about Zappa – it appears I still have a few things to say. Firstly – I was bitterly disappointed this week to hear that the essay that I had commissioned for the premier to 200 Motels at the end of the month is not going to be used. It appears that Gail Z has asked to have some sort of control over the programme notes – and has asked for someone else to document them. Maybe it was my earlier essay on the Zappa Family Trust – I don’t know.  I put a great deal of work into this essay, and to be fair to the Southbank – they are paying me for my services – so no  hard feelings. I will post the full programme notes in a couple of weeks for those of you who are interested.

On the ‘good news’ side of things – I finished a short essay for the 25th anniversary of the Zappanale Festival this week. There is a book being published in time for the next festival – so i am really honored to be involved in this – thanks to Andrew Greenaway For putting me in touch.

As stated in the last blog – I have a couple of book launches coming up – the first which is this weekend in Cardiff.  It  is being launched alongside three other books written by colleagues of mine – see details here

I also had the chance this week to talk about Zappa and the book for Loosegoose. The chat involves not only my ramblings – but also lots of Zappa music

it is always interesting to talk about the book and Zappa of course. I would however like to apologize to one of the contributors – James Gardiner. I was so proud of myself after finishing the interview having recited the chapters and authors – and realised soon after I ommited making reference to James’ amazing chapter on Zappa’s grouting techniques.  So James – APOLOGIES – put it down to old age!

Finally – if anyone is interested in getting a discounted copy of the book – Ashgate have

1) given me 20 copies of the book that I can sell for half price – happy to sign of course

2) Provided a code which enables you to purchase the book for half price up until the end of November directly from Ashgate


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